November 30, 2007

The Challenge

Posted in non-food, the Challenge at 7:45 am by veganalects

So here’s what actually sparked me to get off my ass (well, figuratively) and start this blog: a January Vegan Cooking Challenge! Yeah, yeah, I know the Vegan Month of Food (aka VeganMoFo) was November, but I had college to attend to then, so January it is. My school has a January Term for independent projects, so mine is this Mouthwatering Month, this Nourishing New Year, this—you get the picture. Without further ado, I present the self-imposed rules. I must make:

1. Lunch or dinner five times a week, dessert included at least once.

2. Breakfast or brunch at least once a week.

3. Baked goods at least once a week.

4. Something else—smoothies, soymilk, etc.—at least once a week.

5. A post here about each one, success or failure.

How is this a challenge, you ask? The real challenge will be pleasing my vegaquarian mother and my omnivorous father, not to mention myself and any guests we might have. The challenge will be converting skeptics and winning palates. (“How could the vegan version possibly be as good as the real thing?” my mother has asked, rhetorically, on several occasions.) The challenge will be proving that vegan food has something to offer beyond sprouts and tofu. Not that I don’t adore sprouts and tofu. But there’s a delicious vegan cornucopia out there, and I’d like to spread the word.

Suggestions, support, scoldings all welcome. Wish me luck!