January 12, 2008

Mango Lassi

Posted in beverages, dessert, recipe, the Challenge at 6:50 am by veganalects

Along with ice cream, mango lassi is the main food (or beverage, in this case) I miss from my dairy-eating days. I used to have it whenever I went to an Indian restaurant, but alas, I have yet to come across a vegan mango lassi.

Today I realized I had a mango that wasn’t getting any younger, a carton of soy yogurt I’d been staring at for days, and a new blender, so I decided the time had come to make my own. After skimming a few recipes online I took the plunge.

The result was tasty and satisfied my hankering, but wasn’t quite right—it was a bit too yogurty. I’m including the recipe I used here, but if you want to use it, I’d reduce the yogurt (or increase the mango). The rosewater, which I don’t think is usually in mango lassi at Indian restaurants, gives it a nice aroma and delicate flavor. I’ll fiddle with the measurements and post an improved recipe on here, but this one was good enough that I’ll include it anyway.

mango.jpgMango Lassi
Makes two

medium mango (like the one pictured)
1 1/2 cups plain soy yogurt (at most)
4 large ice cubes
1 teaspoon sugar*
1/2 teaspoon rosewater

Peel, pit, and dice the mango. Blend all ingredients (in a blender if you have one; a food processor is also fine). Garnish with mint if desired.

*I used Silk Plain soy yogurt, which is already somewhat sweetened, though not as much as most flavored soy yogurts. Depending on the brand you may need more or less sugar.


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