January 16, 2008

Linguine Alfreda

Posted in dinner, pasta, the Challenge, VwaV at 3:43 am by veganalects

When my mom requested pasta for dinner, I decided to test a nutritional yeast sauce on her and my unsuspecting father. Since I just made Mac and Cheese, I flipped through a couple cookbooks and settled on Fettuccine Alfreda from Vegan with a Vengeance. We didn’t have fettuccine, so it became Linguine Alfreda (yep, those are roasted Brussels sprouts you see on the side). For some reason all the pasta recipes in both VwaV and Veganomicon call for half a pound of pasta for four people, but that’s never enough for us. I made a pound of pasta and a recipe-and-a-half of the sauce, which turned out to be unnecessary.

Like Mac and Cheese, this is a great quick recipe. You can make the sauce in the time it takes to boil water and cook the pasta. The toasted pine nuts make it nice and creamy. (Plus toasted pine nuts are just delicious; I used to eat them plain as a snack or make a spread out of them.) My mom, who is cholesterol conscious, said she’d like to have the recipe as an alternative to Alfredo sauce. Music to my ears!

Our only complaint about this dish is that it’s not the most attractive. It’s kind of tan and gruel-y. My mom thought it looked like something else I won’t repeat—this is dinner, after all. Making it on tan whole wheat pasta didn’t help; next time I’ll use spinach linguine. (Garnishing it with a few spinach leaves improved its aesthetic appeal.) But I don’t really care, anyway. For me it’s taste that counts, and it tasted, well, tasty.


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  1. Maris said,

    Toasted pine nuts are great on pastas and in salads – sounds delicious!

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