January 17, 2008

Kale Soup with Corn and Edamame Salad

Posted in dinner, salad, soup, the Challenge, Veganomicon at 5:56 am by veganalects

Since having the Tofu, Noodles, and Kale from VeganYumYum—possibly our favorite dish so far—I’ve been wanting to make more stuff with kale (that’s kale looking pretty in the background). You can never have too many leafy greens, right? So for my next kale recipe, I went back to VeganYumYum and made Lolo’s version of Creamy Kale Soup. Not only is it full of leafy greens, it also has quinoa. Isn’t quinoa supposed to be the best grain ever or something?

In any case, this soup was just what we needed on a cold January night. The quinoa and lentils give it body and the tahini (that’s what you see drizzled over the soup) makes it creamy. Plus it’s another easy recipe. (Do I ever make hard recipes?)

I could eat bread and soup every day, but my dad wanted something to supplement our liquid meal. I flipped through Veganomicon and arbitrarily chose the Corn and Edamame-Sesame Salad from all the mouthwatering salads in there. While it’s really more of a summer salad, being chilled and corn-y, it was another simple and scrumptious dish.

You might think I’m uncritical—not a dud yet—but my previously-skeptical parents assure me they’ll let me know if I make a misstep. The food is all so good because I know where to find my recipes!


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