January 22, 2008

Chickpea Noodle Soup and Apple Mango Crisp

Posted in baking, dessert, dinner, soup, the Challenge, Veganomicon at 1:13 am by veganalects

Our house is freezing. We’re always complaining about it and sitting about shivering, but we don’t want to turn up the heat and we can’t keep piling on the sweaters. The only solution seems to be consuming hot liquids in large quantities.

Thus we’ve been having soup and tea by the gallons. And what better winter comfort food than chicken noodle soup? I can think of one: chickpea noodle soup, from (surprise surprise) Veganomicon. It’s got the usual suspects, like carrot and onion, but also includes soba (Japanese buckwheat) noodles and miso paste. (Plus I added some kale—it’s hard for me to resist putting leafy greens in everything.) It’s exactly what we wanted it to be, though, and tastes down-home and simple. One of the things I really like about the recipe is that it has the flavor of celery from celery seed, but doesn’t have actual celery, whose texture I’m not crazy about. My mom especially loved this one.

Speaking of my mom, look at the apple mango crisp she made! She made a vegan adaptation of the Apple Crisp from Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone, our tried-and-true vegetarian starter book. We didn’t have enough apples so she added mango. Doesn’t it look crispy and delicious?




  1. Liz² said,

    I just came across your blog, and I A: LOVE the concept, and B: think it’s gorgeous! It sounds like your parents are getting pretty well converted (tofu and sawdust, indeed!). Can’t wait to see more!

  2. Lizzy said,

    I’m also freezing my ass off. And like you I can’t put on any more clothes so I drink lots of hot tea. I’m at work since 3 1/2 hours and due to the tons of tea I consumed already I went to the bathroom conspicuously often. I think my bosses are already wondering if I have a bladder infection or something cause they keep giving me the confused “AGAIN???” look haha!

    I haven’t eaten noodle soup in what seems like ages. Weird, compared to the fact that I basically lived on it as a kid =p
    I love the idea of chipea soup, and yours looks awesome. I like chickpeas a lot. Well, I think this post made clear to me that I’m in desperate need of a great soup.

    Ohh that Apple-Mango-Crisp looks great indeed. Mind to share the recipe? =)

  3. Romina said,

    I really want to try that Chickpea Noodle Soup. It’s been cold lately, and nothing is better than comfort food.

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