January 23, 2008

Sweet and Sour Seitan

Posted in dinner, seitan, the Challenge at 1:37 am by veganalects

As soon as Lolo posted the Sweet and Sour Seitan on VeganYumYum, I knew I had to make it. I followed its progress from seitan to tofu, from sauce #1 to new-and-improved sauce #2. That was ten months ago, and I finally got around to it…tonight. I would have made it earlier, but my mom doesn’t like sweet and sour sauce. So I bided my time until she had other dinner plans, stocking up on seasoned rice vinegar and slivered almonds in the meantime.

It was definitely worth the wait for me. The last time I cooked seitan (also my first), I lamented that I didn’t know how to make it crispy. I considered using tofu in this dish, but I thought the savoriness and (dare I say it?) meatiness of seitan would provide a better contrast with the sweetness of the sauce. I didn’t have to wait long before I found this method of cooking seitan, which gives it a perfect crispy taste and texture. Lolo simply coats it in Ener-G Egg Replacer and cornstarch and pan-fries it in lots of peanut oil. Not the healthiest way to cook seitan, sure, but probably the most delicious. I’ll be cooking it this way in other dishes, too. And the sauce, for those who like sweet and sour sauce, is equally delectable.

If only I hadn’t overcooked the broccoli. Yuck.



  1. Romina said,

    Mmm. I haven’t had sweet and sour sauce in such a long time. This looks great.

  2. Anke said,

    sweet& sour used to be one of my favorite tastes back in the old days. Haven’t tried it with tofu or seitan yet, but your picture shure makes me drool đŸ™‚

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