March 16, 2008

Oh. My. God.

Posted in non-food at 10:00 pm by veganalects

Something is going to happen. Something wonderful. Something delicious. Something sure to be amazing.

Something that can only be…A WHEELER’S TASTING IN DC. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you obviously haven’t been keeping up on your vegan blogs for the past few months. Wheeler’s Black Label Vegan Ice Cream is pretty much the talk of the town. It’s vegan ice cream that (word on the street has it) blows every other vegan ice cream on the market away. And it’s about time, isn’t it? I prefer Tofutti to the other brands available, but it’s not sensational. Still, I’m withholding judgment until I taste this upstart myself.

And it’s a big deal for DC that we’ll be able to. Toward the end of January, Wheeler’s had a big tasting weekend that included Philadelphia, Boston, and New York. Snubbed for Philly? I was not pleased. I mean, we are the capital of the United States. But our day has come, so let me tell all you Washingtonians (and suburbonians) exactly what day it is. Here’s the information—hope I’ll see you there!

WHAT, PRECISELY: “A fun-filled COK (Compassion Over Killing) benefit bash! We’ll be serving free samples of premium vegan ice cream, courtesy of Wheeler’s Black Label Vegan Ice Cream, plus ten percent of sales from Asylum’s vegan menu will be donated to COK.”
WHEN: This Saturday, March 22, 2 – 4 p.m.
WHERE: Asylum Lounge at 2471 18th St., N.W., Washington, D.C.
METRO: Adams Morgan Metro station on the red line
RSVP: or 301-891-2458


  1. Vegan Dad said,

    I am tagging you (it’s one of those survey things–once these things start they spiral out of control!). See my blog for details.

  2. binx said,

    Don’t worry, Philly gets snubbed a lot, in more ways than be counted! 🙂

  3. Carmen said,

    Wow–that sounds like heaven…I haven’t eaten ice cream in about a year and a half! Wish I could go to that thing…unfortunately, I’m all the way up in Canada 😦

  4. VeggieGirl said,

    soooo lucky for that tasting!! yum!!

  5. theredkettle said,


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