August 4, 2008

My Favorite Sandwich

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Look, I have been cooking. Really. It’s just that everything I’ve been cooking is a bit monastic (cabbage soup, plain cooked chard), less than fabulous (a middling coffee ice cream), or totally unphotogenic (a peach salsa that was actually quite good—don’t worry, I’ll make it again).

But I have also been making a lot of sandwiches. Actually, it’s just one that I make a lot. It’s my favorite sandwich ever, and it seems almost too simple to write about: the hummus sandwich. I say almost because I have specific directions for my version of this vegan classic. I like simple hummus spread on bread with veggies, but the magic is in the details for this one: spices and olive oil.

Have you ever had that Forty Spice Hummus? This is much better, and it’s only Two-Three Spice Hummus. All you need is cumin, paprika, and possibly cayenne pepper, depending on your taste. The cumin should outweigh the paprika, say 2:1; the pepper should just be a pinch. And the oil. Most hummus includes olive oil, but drizzling the bread with your own extra-virgin olive oil will go a long way in improving flavor. These two elements really transform this sandwich for me. I think it works best on a toasted bagel, but the bread is up to you. Toasting makes this sandwich easier to eat, though—the bread is less chewy and more crunchy.

By the way, I live on this at college. For any college vegans stuck in vegan-unfriendly dining halls, if you have access to hummus and a halfway decent salad bar, the hummus sandwich can be your best friend. If there’s no spice rack, you can bring the spices with you!

This hardly warrants a recipe, but for those who don’t want to sort through the post…

The Best Hummus Sandwich
Makes one sandwich

1 bagel, sliced in half and toasted
olive oil
½-¾ cup hummus
pinch cayenne pepper, optional
vegetables of choice, such as tomato, baby spinach, cucumber, sprouts, red onion…

Drizzle the bagel with olive oil. Add spices to the hummus, to taste, about twice as much cumin as paprika. Mix them in with a knife, then spread generously on the bagel. Add veggies, with spinach and sprouts on the bottom and more stable items like tomato and cucumber on top.


  1. Yum! I have some kinda-icky storebought hummus in my fridge — maybe spicing it up this way would fix it, hehe.

  2. That actually sounds awesome. I’ve never tried adding cumin and paprika to my hummus, but I’ll definitely give it a whirl. I love simple ideas like this….so much more satisfying that 20-step spend-all-day-in-the-kitchen recipe.

  3. Mihl said,

    I love hummus with cumin! And it’s definitely the time for sandwiches. So hot here!

  4. Anthony said,

    Good news! Thanks!,

  5. Jillian said,

    Thanks for all you do in helping me fulfill my dreams.,

  6. Jacaline said,

    yep you are jack our maniac in my chat box and your mental here,

  7. Kamryn said,

    I don’t want to see threads like this whonews.,

  8. jd said,

    Love it!

    I make the EXACT same hummus (ratio and everything) all the time! We must have been separated at birth because I swear that I invented it 🙂 Heh!

    Anyway, it never occurred to me to include the spices when I’m having a hummus sandwich, so you just about blew my mind with this post. I can’t wait to have this for lunch tomorrow!


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  10. […] Veganalects explains how she puts together her favorite hummus sandwich. […]

  11. […] Veganalects explains how she puts together her favorite hummus sandwich. […]

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